Welcome to Trident Strength Systems, LLC

As public school teachers, my wife and I understand the importance of balance in your life. I chose the Trident symbol (3 prongs) to help us remember keep balance of mind, body, and spirit (spirit in not meant in a religious context but by being selfless, helping, caring, compassionate, kind and having a sense of community). Balance goes even further though to family, friends, career, finances, leisure, etc.

It is my belief that you should constantly be trying to improve yourself while maintaining a balanced life and the Trident symbol is meant to help remind us of this balance.


I know you like to save money, right? Receive at least 10% off
individually priced items when you combine them into combo
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Do you need help with programming? Maybe you just want a
new deadlift or bench template? Do you have customized
needs that you need help programming like you are new to
powerlifting or maybe you can only work out twice a week?
Whatever your goals are I am here to help you. Please
check out the page for more information.